Commercial Painting

Apartment Building Painting

Apartment buildings, condominiums and multi-housing associations/complexes depend on their exterior looks for attracting and retaining tenants. As a landlord or property owner, you should give consideration to the services that Goldbrush Commercial Painting can offer. These include:

  • Commercial interior/exterior painting
  • Surface preparation: shot blasting, sand blasting, pressure washing & water blasting
  • 0 VOC coating
  • Environmentally friendly coating + painting services

Goldbrush Commercial Painting has the tools to maintain the visual appearance of your business/property for years to come. As briefly mentioned above, we offer a variety of pressure cleaning services using most modern technology and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our approach, much like the products we use, is considerate. We handle all types of commercial pressure washing, coating & painting projects including anti-graffiti coatings, commercial roof painting and surface preparation for building exteriors.