Industrial Painting

Electrostatic Coating

Goldbrush Painting has years of experience with electrostatic coating for industrial purposes. We understand the advantage that electrostatic painting has over other spraying methods. For example, applying paint electrostatically provides a wraparound effect, which provides our industrial painters to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible. The super strong bonds created by this form of inindustrial painting are great for irregularly shaped objects or odd surfaces in industrial plants. The result of incorporating electrostatic coatings into our industrial painting projects is a high-quality, durable and sleek finish for doors, frames and various industrial furniture, machinery & equipment.

We have learned through our institutional & industrial painting experience that nearly any type of interior/exterior metalwork can be painted or coated electrostatically. There are some substrates, however, that benefit more than others with this method. Particularly staircases, doors, canopies and other framework, which is otherwise difficult to recoat, should be coated electrostatically. Moreover, electrostatic paint can be applied, much like other industrial paints, in a variety of colours and thicknesses.

Most commonly, the industrial components we electrostatically paint include:

  • Doors, frames & other entrances
  • Lift gates
  • Stairwells
  • Industrial walling sections
  • Steel, iron or aluminum parts
  • Industrial office furniture
  • Other industrial-grade wood, plastic or metal equipment