Commercial Painting

Epoxy Floor Painting

Commercial & industrial floors alike take an absolute beating. Epoxy floor coating/painting is a necessary measure to maintain and prolong the life of any commercial floor. Whether it’s a shopping center or distribution warehouse, the importance of non-skid, chemical resistant floors cannot be overstated.

Epoxy floor painting is perfect for industrial and automotive applications across Ontario. The epoxy systems we use provide very reliable and effective protection against general wear & tear, weathering and damage caused by water. Developed specifically for heavy duty service on metal substrates, our epoxy systems are engineered by some of the biggest names in the industry. Goldbrush guarantees you absolute quality, reliability and functional operation.

The benefits of epoxy floor coating/painting include:

  • Tough, protective coating for non-slip, chemical resistant applications
  • Heat resistance
  • Applicable across a variety of industrial and commercial settings
  • Extension of floor life